Solar Tracker Components

Al-Babtain MTG provides various components for passive and active solar tracker systems that are compatible with all types of photovoltaic systems. As solar trackers consist of complex technology and moving parts, reliable and durable components play an important role in productivity and efficiency.

Al-Babtain MTG designs and manufactures solar tracker components according to the customer requirements. The components are optimized for reduced maintenance and improved flexibility. The structure has multiple set points to compensate for irregularities in the ground. Our Components include hat profile, rails, piers, torque tube etc.

Compatibility with photovoltaic modules

Modules polycrystalline/monocrystalline; Modules couche fine (Thin Film)

Ease of Assembly

Installation drawings for assembly are provided with detailed information. The structures are totally bolted, so no need to cut or weld the parts.

Secure Systems

The protection of the structures is provided by a Duplex system, in which the galvanization is done by hot dip immersion according to the EN ISO 1461.

Quality Service

Our services are focused on reduced time response and delivery with specialized technical support and documentation.

Uneven Grounds

The structures have multiple set points to compensate for the irregularities of the ground.

Cost Effective

Our solutions are cost effective and optimized according to customer requirements with flexibility and reduced maintenance.

Quality Certified

The material quality is certified and dimensioning is done according to applicable Eurocodes.

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