Fixed Structures

AL-BABTAIN MTG offers fixed structures for solar panels that are robust, flexible and cost effective. The lightweight designs are customized to the needs of our customers and optimized for quick assembly.

Maximum Productivity : Investment

Solutions are focused on bringing high performance while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Adaptable to Uneven Ground

The structures can be installed on various terrains, making it applicable in various regions and landscapes.

Adjustable Rows and Columns

The rows and columns of the structures can be easily altered, making it easy to use with any size of panels.

Totally Bolted Structure

There is no need to cut or weld the steel structures as it can be entirely bolted together.

Adjustable Orientation Angle

The orientation angle of the fixed structures can be set anywhere between 0º and 45º.

Quick and Simple Assembly

The lightweight design, easily manageable parts and easy to install profile rails ensures a minimal assembly time.

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