About us

Al-Babtain MTG is a joint venture between two key players in the design and manufacturing of Solar PV Steel Structures. With more than 70 years of combined experience in the industry, Al-Babtain MTG is on a mission to tap new sources of energy in the MENA region.

The development and competitiveness of new sources of energy are pushing huge investments worldwide and the MENA region will have an important role to play in it. Apart from all the natural conditions that this region has – with the highest irradiation of sun in the world – local governments are planning to implement and build new energy from this natural resource.

AL-BABTAIN MTG is prepared to be a key player in the region. The combination of our experience in the region, production skills, knowledge of the local and international players are the key to our success.

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom aims to expand its steel manufacturing activities into the PV trackers and fixed steel components in the MENA region. Metalogalva aims to expand its global footprint in the steel PV market and support the customers in the region.

Together, AL-BABTAIN and Metalogalva are on a mission to be the leader in the MENA region for delivering the most competitive supply and solution in the following:

  • PV Tracker Steel Components
  • Fixed Steel Structures
  • Carports