About Al-Babtain

Blazing a trail since 1955, Al-Babtain provides multifaceted solutions to ever-evolving and cutting-edge industry sectors. Our energy revolves around power and telecommunications infrastructure. We deliver results directly from trusted suppliers to our valued customers. Our benchmarks are high and are reflected in the full range of products and services offered to our clients.

Capacity and Capability are stand-out strengths of Al-Babtain. Our experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities and on-time delivery yields top-notch quality for our customers. Our focus – dynamic production – Al-Babtain rises to new heights as a full-service company; design engineering, industrial manufacturing, delivery and installation are always top of mind. We embody our customers core values from high level professional service to depth of commitment with end results driving fully integrated productivity, exceeding industry standards.

The sky’s the limit with Al-Babtain – since our inception in 1955 – we have enjoyed accelerated growth and sustainability. By leveraging our company vision, we have taken power and telecommunications to a new level; our work can be described as a complete package by integrating manufactured lighting poles with lighting fixtures and by producing towers with a business approach to diversify and enter the telecommunications field.

Equally important for customer satisfaction is expanding geographical markets which now include facilities in Egypt and France.